Graduation Party With A Lawn Greeting

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It is that time again and soon millions of boys and girls will be walking out of high school forever. Starting in May and going until June all schools will be celebrating each childs’ milestone. High school holds memories that we carry with us forever. So bring this special time to a end for the senior in your life. First ask your senior for ideas of what would be the perfect party for them and add fun additions that would be a surprise to them. Some examples would be:

  • Hire a local band to play
  • Have a stand up comedian perform
  • Rent the local race track
  • Take a canoe trip
  • Rent a movie theater
  • Lawn Greeting
  • Rent a sports car
  • Hire a limo
  • Give helicopter rides
  • Invite a celebrity
  • Rent the local water park
  • Rent the local amusement park

There are lots of ways to make this time a great memory for years to come. Have a photographer or video company record those memories. Start the day out with the ultimate surprise for your senior with a lawn greeting. A lawn greeting is placed in the yard between midnight and seven am. So the first gift of the day is a yard with 25 items like: Smiley Faces, Stars, Flowers, Cowboy Boots, Graduation Caps, ‘s and O’s. They can be mixed and matched for a bigger splash across the lawn. Included with a lawn greeting is a personal yard card. The yard card can have many messages including:

  • Hugs & Kisses Jen is Kissing HS Class Good Bye
  • Hats off To Mark For Graduating
  • We are Happy Sue has Graduated
  • The star of 2007 was Kevin
  • Tom Is Kickin Up His Heel He Is Leaving High School

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