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The Epitome of Richness – Spending Time With Your Teens

November 16th, 2022

I’ll do anything to get my teens attention.

We constantly try to find activities that our teen daughters will participate in with us – the list is short. They are pretty independent and really don’t care to spend too much time entertaining their old and feeble parents.


But I think we finally nailed it.

It all started with a carafe that we purchased at Pier One a couple weeks ago. I’d wanted one forever because Katherine Chancelor on the Young and the Restless always has one with fresh water in it on the episodes.

When I was little, it was the epitome of richness. I was always in awe of it as it sat there, holding a particularly flavorless liquid.

So I snagged it at a home goods store on clearance for an amazing price and at a different store, known for selling things for generally a dollar, I snagged some glass goblets. Now, I realize that the Young and the Restless set likely paid far more for their elegant pieces, but this is Oklahoma, and I work on a small salary.

Those two purchases made me feel like the paparazzi was following me.

Imagine my surprise when it was my beat up old BMW waiting for me in the parking lot. Where was my limo? Where was my driver?

Ahem. Anyway – teenagers, I was talking about spending time with teenagers.

So this was the beginning of Sunday Delight – the birth of a new way to spend Sunday evenings… at a “Sunday Delight” party.

Limo For Special Occasions

October 11th, 2022

Limousines are considered to be a vehicle for the rich and famous people. They are expensive and luxurious and are a big status symbol. But with limo hire services, people who can’t afford to buy this luxury can also get a chance to travel around in style.

There are a lot of companies who offer best limo hire services to the people who wish to rent this luxurious vehicle for a wedding, bachelor’s party, prom night or to travel around. Exploring a place with your family driving in a limo can make your trip memorable and unforgettable one.

A limousine is what comes to a person’s mind when he thinks of an opulent and luxury vehicle. And now it is not necessary to own a limo to enjoy a drive. You can contact a company in your area who offers limo on rent. There are a lot of designs, sizes and styles available in limo and each has its own features and qualities. If you wish to go and visit the company, you can see the range of vehicles available with them, and you can then pick the one that best suits your needs.

You can also check the various online service providers, if you are visiting some different city or country and wish to hire a limo. They have images of the vehicles available with them on their website, which can help you make a choice from the comfort of your home. However there are a few things that you should consider when you rent a limo.

If you have more people traveling with you, then make sure that the limo you hire is spacious enough to accommodate all. Also inform the company about the time and date when you will need it, to avoid any confusion. Before selecting a company, make sure to check their profile and how from how many years they have been operating in the field. Also read the testimonials and the user reviews of the old customers.

Check in detail about the company and you can also check with the various review sites. Check the details of each vehicle and do proper analysis. You can also contact the service provider if you wish to get more details. You can also ask for discounts from the company, usually companies’ offer good discounts if you hire more than one limo. Also read the contract before signing to see that there are no hidden conditions.