The Epitome of Richness – Spending Time With Your Teens

November 16th, 2022 by admin Leave a reply »

I’ll do anything to get my teens attention.

We constantly try to find activities that our teen daughters will participate in with us – the list is short. They are pretty independent and really don’t care to spend too much time entertaining their old and feeble parents.


But I think we finally nailed it.

It all started with a carafe that we purchased at Pier One a couple weeks ago. I’d wanted one forever because Katherine Chancelor on the Young and the Restless always has one with fresh water in it on the episodes.

When I was little, it was the epitome of richness. I was always in awe of it as it sat there, holding a particularly flavorless liquid.

So I snagged it at a home goods store on clearance for an amazing price and at a different store, known for selling things for generally a dollar, I snagged some glass goblets. Now, I realize that the Young and the Restless set likely paid far more for their elegant pieces, but this is Oklahoma, and I work on a small salary.

Those two purchases made me feel like the paparazzi was following me.

Imagine my surprise when it was my beat up old BMW waiting for me in the parking lot. Where was my limo? Where was my driver?

Ahem. Anyway – teenagers, I was talking about spending time with teenagers.

So this was the beginning of Sunday Delight – the birth of a new way to spend Sunday evenings… at a “Sunday Delight” party.


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